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Poor, Poor Wade

Wade "Non-Cowboy" Phillips - Getty Images

Wade "Not-A-Cowboy" Phillips

It’s finally official: Wade Phillips is no longer the head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. And while this may seem like a good move on the surface, this will by no means fix the Cowboys’ issues. As any dedicated Cowboys fan will tell you, the problem isn’t whoever the head coach is; it’s the management. Jerry Jones needs to go – or at least let go of the reigns a little bit. The Cowboys’ best years in recent history were the ones in which Jones loosened his death-grip to allow coaches actually coach. Watching last night’s Sunday Night Football game was one of the more painful football watching experiences I’ve had, especially considering many of my friends are Cowboys fans, but sadly the Cowboys’ woes are far from over. Until Jerry Jones manages to fire himself from certain responsibilities, the Cowboys will have to continually deal with horrible drafts (although Dez Bryant is the real deal), poor transactions (i.e.: Roy Williams), and pseudo-coaching. Sorry Dallas fans, but if you haven’t already conceded to viewing 2010 as a year of “re-building,” the firing of Wade Phillips should give you a nice reality check.

BTW, it looks like playing the defense who’s matched up with Dallas is a wise fantasy move.


The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree

Singletary - Photo by AP

I’m sick of seeing talented, huge-potential players being held back by their coaching staff and/or upper management. Isn’t the NFL supposed to be the best players playing at their best level, generating the best competition so one team can claim they are truly the best of the best? Yet, time and time again, a team’s failures can be largely linked to the people who never even step on the field. Here is my list of coaches and GMs that I think need to go. Feel free to agree or disagree in the comments.

  1. Mike Singletary – HC, San Francisco 49ers
    As a Bay Area native, I’ve obviously witnessed the legends of the 49ers organization – I even got to meet the great Bill Walsh, for crying out loud (does serving him garlic fries at a Stanfurd football game count?)! So needless to say, it’s been a huge disappointment over the last decade watching the once-immortal red and gold deteriorate into this abysmal 1-6 team in 2010. With all the off-season hype surrounding the talented group of 49ers, you have to wonder, where did all of that go? Singletary is deluding himself, sort of in an insane way, by declaring constantly that the 49ers will make the play-offs this year. After firing OC Jimmy Raye, Singletary has set up the blame for this season’s failure to fall solely on his own head. When you have Frank Gore, Vernon Davis, Alex Smith, Michael Crabtree, Patrick Willis, Taylor Mays, and Takeo Spikes, how could you go wrong? Look at the 2010 Tampa Bay Buccaneers and try to name more than 5 players on their team. Without the all-star cast that the 49ers have, Buccaneers’ HC Raheem Morris has given his team opportunities to win. As a Cal alum, I still feel jaded when I look back to the 2005 draft, when Aaron Rodgers dropped all the way to the Packers, while the 49ers took Smith with the 1st overall pick. But the more I think about it, the more I realize Rodgers would probably not be even a shadow of who he has become had he joined the 49ers organization… and for all of these reasons, Singletary (and more?) has to leave. Even Tom Cable is a better coach. Ouch.
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