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Seymour For MVP! & Other Thoughts on the Weekend

Peyton Manning - Getty Images

Interceptions are never my fault!

My thoughts on the eventful NFL weekend:

  • Manning’s Issues – Let me just start off by saying this: Peyton Manning is one of the best QBs in the league right now. Does he deserve to be #8 on the Top-100? I’m not so sure, but he definitely isn’t helping his case the last few weeks. With all the talk about Manning’s magical touch, he has proven, although rather quietly, that he is a choke. Sure, he’s great at the 2-minute drill and all the fancy-schmancy audible stuff, but how often have we seen the Colts lose games in the end because of a Manning INT? Ask a Colts fan, I’m sure if you prod their memory enough, they’ll overcome their denial and account to you the many times, especially in play-offs, when Manning would lose the game. Sure, he’d be the reason they were still in the game to begin with, but nonetheless, he still lost the game. Manning, with the easy chance to tie, proved his choke-ability once again this last weekend v. the Patriots.

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What a Waiver Wednesday!

Randy Moss - SI Photos

Look at him slouch. Tisk tisk!

You don’t even see these kinds of names in your fantasy league’s waiver wire. Seriously, you don’t! And even if you did, what would you expect to happen if Randy Moss hit the market? Would you have guessed that only 1 team placed a claim, especially if there were 32 teams in your league? This is a crazy turn of events, but honestly, not at all surprising.

After the jump, I’ll go into what Shawne Merriman and Randy Moss bring to their new teams and also what it means in fantasy land…

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