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Vick for MVP! & Other Thoughts on the Weekend

Hot Cheerleaders - Getty Images

Cold girls are so hot.

Here are my thoughts on this last NFL weekend:

  • Dancing in the Rain – This wasn’t originally going to be in here, but as I was browsing photos of the Eagles & Redskins game, the photo with the cheerleaders (above) popped up. Now, although putting this photo up probably prompted you to actually read this post, it reminds me of a thought all the way from Halloween. When the cheerleaders dressed up in skimpy Halloween costumes, I remember seeing them and thinking, “Wow, they’re wearing more clothes than they normally do!” And this photo kind of drives that point home. First of all, look in the lower right hand corner to view a couple butt-cheeks hanging out. Now, look at their hair. Notice anything? They’re all drenched from head to toe, dancing in the pouring rain, wearing mildly-better-than underwear. Something about the nature of cheerleading is a bit unsettling for me. Don’t get me wrong, I find women extremely attractive and I’m probably the last person to talk about morals (and most of these women choose to be cheerleaders), but still, the extent which the NFL goes to in order to enhance the fetishisation of women makes me uneasy.

Michael Vick and more after the jump…  Continue reading


Friday Morning Hangover

Ed Reed - Getty Images

Ravens fall to the Falcons 26-21

I woke up today feeling sick. Not 100% sure it’s from watching last night’s game, riding the roller coaster called the Ravens defense, but I’m about 87% sure that’s it. As nauseated as I am, here are my thoughts on a great Thursday Night Football game:  Continue reading

Living in Fear of the Zebra

NFL Referee - Getty Images

"Worship me, James Jones. I am an almighty referee."

As a lover of all things defense, you can only imagine the frustration and disappointment I feel with the way NFL officiating is headed. And it’s not that I don’t agree with player safety – I totally agree with the increased attention on helmet-to-helmet collisions on defenseless receivers (although those hiked-up fines are ridiculous) – but when officiating starts to impact the outcome of a game, that’s when I start having issues with it. Officials are not in the game to decide who wins and loses. That job should belong solely in the hands of the 22 players on the field. Referees are merely there to chaperone the game. So why are they making such a big influence in the game, even with the exercise of instant replay? I’m tired of the cliche excuses the NFL always makes to defend their poor little referees, talking about the “speed of the game,” etc. Instead of making excuses for their horrendous calls, just fix it. My biggest peeves regarding officiating after the jump…  Continue reading