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TNF: How To Stop Andre

Andre Johnson - AP Photo

Just run, Cortland. Run.

Tonight’s game should be a lot of fun, if you’re into high-scoring offensive TD-fests. I mean, who isn’t? Isn’t that why Michael Vick demands so much attention from television audiences across America? He’s a freak talent, possibly once in a lifetime, with the shiftiness and speed to be a great skills-player (i.e.: PR, WR, RB) and the laser left-handed arm of a matured QB. The last few times we saw Michael Vick in primetime, he did more than an outstanding job – and those games were v. the Redskins and Giants. Now, come tonight, Michael Vick will be playing against the 32nd-rated defense in the league. If this game becomes a shoot-out, which it very well can with Arian Foster and Andre Johnson on the other side, Vick could potentially amass over 500 yards from scrimmage, and I wouldn’t even be shocked. I’d be entertained, but not shocked.

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Poll Time: Wah, Wah, Wah

Philip Rivers - Photo by AP


Wow Phil, why don’t you just cry me a river? … Ok, sorry I know it’s lame. Not sure why I had to say it (or why I didn’t just delete it). Anyway, we all know Philip Rivers is a monster QB and a potential MVP in 2010, but that doesn’t save him from consideration in this poll. Just as notorious as his arm are his pouty faces. You know how hard it was for me to find  a suitable picture of Rivers making an upset face or gesture? Not at all. They’re as common as Ed Reed interceptions! What a whiner. Does he win the title of the NFL’s biggest cry-baby?

What a Waiver Wednesday!

Randy Moss - SI Photos

Look at him slouch. Tisk tisk!

You don’t even see these kinds of names in your fantasy league’s waiver wire. Seriously, you don’t! And even if you did, what would you expect to happen if Randy Moss hit the market? Would you have guessed that only 1 team placed a claim, especially if there were 32 teams in your league? This is a crazy turn of events, but honestly, not at all surprising.

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Deep Sleep: Sidney Rice

Jacob Tamme TD - Photo by AP

Marvel at his soft hands and elegant footwork.

Okay, so before we move on to this week’s “Deep Sleep”, I’d like to first acknowledge the endless thanks and bountiful praise from the loyal readers who picked up Jacob Tamme and played him last week. He scored the 4th-most points out of all TEs, and from the looks of it, he should put up WR-esque numbers on a week-to-week basis until the end of the season. He dropped a few passes, but it’s encouraging that Manning targeted him 9 times – even on crucial 3rd downs. Manning obviously trusts him, and with a bit more time, Tamme’s hands should become fly-paper. If I were a braver man, I’d even say he’ll score more each week than the other 84. Man, I’m feeling adventurous today. If Manning trusts him, I trust him. Hold me to it.

Anyway, congratulations to those of you who managed to snag him off the waivers. If you were a doubting Thomas and chose to ignore my advice and you’re trying to pick him up this week, you probably missed your chance. Zach Miller and Vernon Davis are now both banged up a bit, which only adds to the fantasy-TE-craze, so unless you are the #1 waiver position this week, I’d suggest you try to convince the players in front of you to pick up other players instead. And that’s a great segue because this week’s “Deep Sleep” could be that other player.

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Well, See Ya Later!

Super Freak Randy Moss

Randy Moss has been waived by the Vikings. This totally reminds me that I should’ve added Brad Childress to my list of coaches to fire. What a disaster of a season (almost as bad as the Cowboys‘). Well, this really sucks for a lot of people, and here is a list of some victims:

  • The Vikings fans who kept Moss’ jerseys all these years to only pull it out this season for a total of 3 weeks. If you needed closure from before, you got it now.
  • Percy Harvin. Harvin saw a huge gain in fantasy/real-life production with defenses pissing their pants watching Randy Moss jog his routes. Now, until Sidney Rice comes back, Harvin will be the main (receiving) focus of opposing defenses.
  • Brett Favre. Without Randy Moss to take the attention of the media with his outlandish comments, will Minnesota ever stop hearing about Favre’s scandalous relationship with Jets’ employees? And who will be dominant enough to catch those notorious “gunslinger” bombs of his? Maybe the Vikings can pick up some of those guys from the Wrangler commercials!
  • Brad Childress. You’re fired. In other words, you should be fired. Or to put it another way, you really screwed up this season.

There’s only 1 player to see anything good happen from this major move… and that’s Randy Moss. Yes, he jogs his routes and sucks at blocking and has an attitude problem, but honestly, he had no chance of making an impact on that team with grey-haired Favre throwing it to him. This should be good news for fantasy owners out there… I think? Imagine if the Buffalo Bills picked him up as a new toy for Fitzpatrick! Or for the Lions’ Stafford! Or even the Rams’ Bradford! The waiver-wire possibilities are endless… And, by the way, it’s sort of sad that all 3 of those young QBs would be better options than Favre. Godspeed to both Favre and Moss, the fading stars of careers too long.

*Update* I guess Brad Childress announced to the team that Randy Moss would be waived, but the team hasn’t gone through with it as of Monday. I would be shocked if we don’t see Moss’ name on the waiver wire by the end of the week, but there are rumors that parts of the Vikings organization want to retain Moss. Interesting. I’ll keep you guys updated with what I hear.

*Update 2* Randy Moss officially hit the waiver wire today (Tuesday, November 2). By Wednesday @ 4PM ET, Randy Moss will certainly be on a new team. Also in his waiver class is Shawne Merriman. Congratulations, you two.