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Friday Morning Hangover

Ed Reed - Getty Images

Ravens fall to the Falcons 26-21

I woke up today feeling sick. Not 100% sure it’s from watching last night’s game, riding the roller coaster called the Ravens defense, but I’m about 87% sure that’s it. As nauseated as I am, here are my thoughts on a great Thursday Night Football game:  Continue reading


Friday Afternoon Videos: Top-100 Ravens

NFL Network's Top 100

For this Friday’s NFL videos, I’d like to commemorate the Ravens players from NFL Network’s “The Top 100,” where the top 100 players of NFL history were revealed week by week since the beginning of September. The top-10 were revealed this last Thursday to wrap-up the series, and although no Ravens were among them, I think the judges did a good job of narrowing down a great list. If you haven’t seen these videos, here they are for you to enjoy. In case Youtube takes these videos down, I put the NFL Network links (since I can’t embed them) as well.

It’s great to see that out of the 8 active players (does Favre even count as “active”?) on the list, Ravens make up 25%, which means as Ravens fans, we are witnessing history every Sunday. Can’t wait to see what this list will look like in 10 years (Haloti Ngata & Michael Oher?), but we’ll get there when it happens. Without further ado (adieu?), here’s the list:

#88: Ed Reed, Safety – Presented by Hines Ward

I’m glad to find this blog’s namesake on the list at 88, and I am sure by the time his career is over, Ed Reed will find himself at a much lower number.

The rest after the jump…  Continue reading