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MNF: Flacco’s Flock Takes Flight

Matt Schaub - Getty Images

Sad Texans

As a Ravens fan, I can say that I’m quite thankful for the abundance of prime-time games lately (although we lost to the Falcons and Steelers in 2 nail-biters). Tonight will be another showdown involving the Ravens, but unlike the previous prime-time Ravens games (@NYJ, @ATL, PIT), this one shouldn’t be too close. Houston’s offense has some great players, but with the way that the Ravens defense has been playing, I don’t see the Texans scoring over 20 (that’s saying a lot). Now, on the other hand, after such a devastating loss to the Steelers last week, most of which has been blamed on the offense and Cam Cameron, the Ravens will come out with as much offensive firepower as they can muster. Considering every skill player has been to the Pro Bowl (Boldin, Mason, Houshmandzadeh, Heap, Rice, McGahee, McClain), it’s about time for the Ravens to get their offensive act together. Thankfully, the Houston defense is a nice and soft opponent to get the motor churning. Flacco and the Ravens take to the air and win 28-17.

*Disclaimer* Yes, I’m a Ravens fan, and I’m currently wearing my Ed Reed jersey as I write this, but come on! Would you put money on the Texans to win it? At least I used a picture of the Texans for the post!

*Update* To be fair, my prediction was accurate until about halfway through the 4th quarter. The Ravens came out storming and put up 28 points with ease. Then, just like they’ve done for the entirety of 2010, the Ravens made sure the game stayed close, giving the Texans hope with long, draining scoring drives. After tying it up, the pass rush dominated in OT and forced Schaub to throw an interception for a TD. Ravens won 34-28, in what shouldn’t have been a nail-biter.


Why MNF Sucks

Jon Gruden - AP Photo

Can you at least fix Gruden's hair?!

I haven’t seen every game in the 2010 season, but I’ve made a point to watch every prime-time game… even when they’ve been hard to watch. And trust me, some of these games have been very hard to watch. Out of the 3 nights (Thursday, Sunday, and Monday), Sunday has been, by far, the best produced by NBC with the best games, but for the other 2, there’s been some major issues. First, just to get it out of the way, the NFL Network had some great games on Thursday night, but is absolutely butchering it with the commentating. Just listening to Matt Millen makes me feel like I’m losing (burn!), and honestly, I’m tempted every week to mute the game. Why couldn’t they have someone like Mike Mayock in the booth? Then we all might actually gain something from all the chatter. Anyway, at least some of the games have been able to make up for the mental bleeding caused by that crew – because the same can’t be said about Monday Night Football on ESPN. Here’s why they suck.  Continue reading

Suggs For MVP! & Other Thoughts on the Weekend

Terrell Suggs - AP Photo

Yikes. I'd be scared too.

This isn’t your traditional NFL column. Here are my personal views on this last weekend:

  • Should’ve, Could’ve, Would’ve – But didn’t. That’s the story of the Ravens loss to the Steelers last night. And as I’m still reeling from the loss, possibly the most painful piece of the entire thing is the fact that the Ravens should have won. I know, I’m a bitter Ravens fan, but if you watched the whole game, you probably saw the same thing I did: a dominating performance by the Ravens (despite frequent penalties), upset at the last second by a gritty Steelers team. Besides some inexplicable offensive stalls by the Ravens (Cam Cameron?), the Steelers were out-played in every phase of the game, including special teams. Yet, Flacco, the better of the 2 QBs last night, failed to recognize a blitz and protect the ball, while Roethlisberger successfully did both only a couple plays later, and that made all the difference. After a decade of an opportunistic Baltimore defense, this time the Steelers filled those shoes. Kudos to the Steelers for making the big play when it mattered most.

Suggs & more after the jump…  Continue reading

Friday Afternoon Videos: Nobel Prize?

When Friday afternoon rolls around, don’t you just want to take a nice nap? For some, it’s a great way to recharge for the weekend, while for others, it can be a time of relaxation and release. Whatever the reason may be, everybody loves to nap… it’s just really a matter of when. And that “when” is not in the middle of a Monday Night Football game, Albert “Fat AlbertHaynesworth! Get your power nap in at halftime, duh!

Yet, in the midst of all the chaos surrounding him, Haynesworth presents an image of serenity and peace. He’s the epitome of 9-digit nirvana, proving a $100 million contract to show the world an example of gentleness and surrender is all worth it. Perhaps he should be nominated for this year’s Nobel? He sure deserves it! Although, I’m not so sure how the Nobel officials feel about how he stomped on Andre Gurode‘s head in 2006… 30 stitches! Video of the stomp after the jump…  Continue reading

Sunday Night Football > World Series

Baseball People - Photo by AP

Baseball is a strange thing.

Another interesting bit of information from the IceBat: It seems like the rest of America has finally caught on that baseball is an extremely boring sport. Even when the World Series was playing Sunday night (Go A’s!), a regular season NFL game had higher ratings. Baseball is slowly, but surely becoming one of those interests where people find out about it and say, “Oh… you’re one of those?”

Article from SFGate.com: link

Sure, that probably won’t be the case in 5 years, or even 10, but don’t blame me when you talk with your grandchildren about how “back in your day” you used to go to baseball games and listen to Lady Gaga and they slowly respond with a timid, “Oh… you’re one of those?” You’re instantly gonna become that weird grandparent that smells like old mothballs and dust if you do that.

And on that note, enjoy Monday Night Football. Hopefully it won’t be as pathetic as the last couple weeks…