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Monday Morning Hangover

Michael Bush - Getty Images

I hate you, Michael Bush. And you look stupid scoring TDs.

I don’t know what it is, but whenever any of my teams face a crushing defeat, I wake up the next morning with a headache. But wait, how can this be when the Ravens convincingly beat the reigning World Champion Saints yesterday? Well, I’m talking about my other team – the one that doesn’t really exist… Yup, I’m crossing over into forbidden territory and talking about my personal fantasy team. I understand that nobody really cares about my team except for me, but I figured it’d be nice to get this off my chest as a form of rehabilitation. Come on, after 4-5 months of hard work to lose by 1.4 points in the semi’s is too much for a man to handle alone. If you’re at all interested, you can find my pain and sorrow after the jump…  Continue reading


Ready for Run-DMC?

Darren McFadden - Photo by Getty Images


Got an opportunity to contribute to Chiefs Command‘s “5 Reasons” blog post this week. Basically, “5 Reasons” is an examination of how/why the Kansas City Chiefs could lose the upcoming match-up. Up next for the Chiefs are the Raiders, and they’ll be bringing along avg-YFS leader & fantasy savior, Darren McFadden. Take a look at the original blog post if you want to hear my take on Run-DMC’s impact on quite possibly the best game of the weekend (strange season, ain’t it?).

“5 Reasons the Oakland Raiders Could Beat the KC Chiefs“: link