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Matt Millen = Miami Dolphins

Tyler Thigpen - AP Photo

"I didn't sign up for this... Sigh..."

What a title for the TNF recap, huh? Here are my thoughts on last night’s game:

  • NFL Network – You guys are kidding, right? How can you be okay with how your games have been commentated? It’s ridiculous! I mean, it’s gotten to the point that Twitter’s gone crazy talking about it and even Yahoo! Sports wrote a column on it (here). I’ve talked about it before and MJD does a pretty good job with it at Yahoo!, so I’ll move on… but seriously?! You guys are still screwing up which team is which?!

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TNF: Hester FTW

Devin Hester - AP Photo

Dolphins Hope to NOT See This Tonight

Tonight’s match-up between the Chicago Bears and Miami Dolphins should prove to be an interesting game – not because of competence, but because of equal ineptitude. The Bears’ weak running game will have to carry some of the burden as Jay Cutler tries to throw against the 6th ranked pass defense, and the Dolphins’ 3rd string QB, Tyler Thigpen, will have to basically win the game himself as their rushing attack goes up against the 2nd ranked rush defense. It will undoubtedly become a battle of attrition, where the team with the least mistakes wins. I foresee at least 4 total interceptions as the Bears pull out another defensive victory, in spite of Cutler’s gracious gifts to the opposing teams. If Hester gets his hands on the ball, especially against the Dolphins’ *very* special teams, even more of a chance for the Bears to take the NFC North lead (for now, undeservedly). Bears win 20-13.

*Update* Well, Hester didn’t run any back for a TD, but he sure made an impact in field position. Regardless of Hester, the Chicago defense outplayed the play of the Miami defense, in what turned out to be, just as predicted, a strong defensive battle. There weren’t 4 interceptions, but there should’ve been 6 (defensive players dropping easy picks)! Bears defense produces a shut-out against the Dolphins’ practice squad, 16-0.