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Why MNF Sucks

Jon Gruden - AP Photo

Can you at least fix Gruden's hair?!

I haven’t seen every game in the 2010 season, but I’ve made a point to watch every prime-time game… even when they’ve been hard to watch. And trust me, some of these games have been very hard to watch. Out of the 3 nights (Thursday, Sunday, and Monday), Sunday has been, by far, the best produced by NBC with the best games, but for the other 2, there’s been some major issues. First, just to get it out of the way, the NFL Network had some great games on Thursday night, but is absolutely butchering it with the commentating. Just listening to Matt Millen makes me feel like I’m losing (burn!), and honestly, I’m tempted every week to mute the game. Why couldn’t they have someone like Mike Mayock in the booth? Then we all might actually gain something from all the chatter. Anyway, at least some of the games have been able to make up for the mental bleeding caused by that crew – because the same can’t be said about Monday Night Football on ESPN. Here’s why they suck.  Continue reading


Matt Millen = Miami Dolphins

Tyler Thigpen - AP Photo

"I didn't sign up for this... Sigh..."

What a title for the TNF recap, huh? Here are my thoughts on last night’s game:

  • NFL Network – You guys are kidding, right? How can you be okay with how your games have been commentated? It’s ridiculous! I mean, it’s gotten to the point that Twitter’s gone crazy talking about it and even Yahoo! Sports wrote a column on it (here). I’ve talked about it before and MJD does a pretty good job with it at Yahoo!, so I’ll move on… but seriously?! You guys are still screwing up which team is which?!

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