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Friday Afternoon Videos: Human Joystick

Remember Dante Hall? He was one of the most exciting players to watch during his prime, wasn’t he? Here’s just a short little highlight reel of some of his plays. It’s easy to see why he earned the nickname “Human Joystick.” Don’t forget that all those guys he’s making fools of are professional athletes… and don’t miss the Dick Vermeil cameo towards the end. He was an awesome coach. Enjoy!


Ready for Run-DMC?

Darren McFadden - Photo by Getty Images


Got an opportunity to contribute to Chiefs Command‘s “5 Reasons” blog post this week. Basically, “5 Reasons” is an examination of how/why the Kansas City Chiefs could lose the upcoming match-up. Up next for the Chiefs are the Raiders, and they’ll be bringing along avg-YFS leader & fantasy savior, Darren McFadden. Take a look at the original blog post if you want to hear my take on Run-DMC’s impact on quite possibly the best game of the weekend (strange season, ain’t it?).

“5 Reasons the Oakland Raiders Could Beat the KC Chiefs“: link