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Fantasy Football, Real Stress

Aaron Rodgers - AP Photo

Talk about a headache...

Geez, I don’t know why (or maybe I do), but this fantasy playoff season is inducing quite a bit of stress in my life. It’s just a game, right? Then why do I constantly consider all of my options, playing out all the different possibilities? Should I start Malcom Floyd or Vincent Jackson… or both? Do I trust Kenny Britt and/or the Texans secondary? Will Jamaal Charles show up next week? I’m starting to second guess all of my gut instincts, which can be a recipe for disaster… It’s only Tuesday, but already my racing mind and uber-competitive spirit are starting to get very familiar with each other. I might not survive the week.

So why all the stress and second-guessing? In all of my fantasy football leagues, I’m playing in the semi-finals, matched-up against the #1 team. Sure, that’s quite a bit of constant success between leagues, but guess how I got there? Aaron Rodgers. Yup, I had Rodgers in every one of my fantasy leagues, and he’s been the anchor almost every week. With him possibly out this week with a concussion and the prospect of playing a highly underrated New England defense, I might have to start looking at other QB options. Would it be embarrassing to admit I’m thinking about starting Garrard, Kitna, or Collins? See why I’m stressing? Wish me luck…


Ready for Run-DMC?

Darren McFadden - Photo by Getty Images


Got an opportunity to contribute to Chiefs Command‘s “5 Reasons” blog post this week. Basically, “5 Reasons” is an examination of how/why the Kansas City Chiefs could lose the upcoming match-up. Up next for the Chiefs are the Raiders, and they’ll be bringing along avg-YFS leader & fantasy savior, Darren McFadden. Take a look at the original blog post if you want to hear my take on Run-DMC’s impact on quite possibly the best game of the weekend (strange season, ain’t it?).

“5 Reasons the Oakland Raiders Could Beat the KC Chiefs“: link