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TNF: Manning Strikes Back

Jacob Tamme - AP Photo

Poor Tamme. He should see a drop in tackles soon.

Okay, just from the title alone, you can already guess who I think is going to win tonight’s game. As bad as the Colts have been playing lately, nobody in the entire NFL has been playing as bad as the Titans these last couple weeks. That’s saying a lot if you consider that the Panthers and Cardinals are also actual participants in the NFL. I guess you can argue that the Titans are getting Kerry Collins and Kenny Britt back, but even with Chris Johnson running around the Colts, I don’t think they can match Peyton‘s offensive execution. Yes, he’s been playing horrible lately, but even while he’s throwing 3-4 INTs per game, the Colts are usually still offensively in the game. Remember in 2007 when he threw 6 INTs against the Chargers? The Colts almost won that game! The quickness with which Peyton can drive down a football field is uncanny, and I see that as the determining factor in tonight’s game (and I just don’t see him throwing 4 picks again, but don’t bet money against it). Having Jacob Tamme on the field tonight would be more of a reason to like the Colts, but it looks like he’s a game-time decision. The Colts outmatch Chris Johnson’s production and win 31-13 in yet another boring prime-time game.

*Update* So, the game didn’t end up being quite as large of a blow-out as I thought, but even though it was only a 2 point game, that’s because the Titans scored a TD with 0 secs left on the clock. It didn’t really mean anything. Peyton showed up and picked apart the Titans defense, only having to worry about Blair White defending his TD pass to Reggie Wayne. That was smooth, rookie. Chris Johnson also had a nice performance, along with Kerry Collins, but just like I predicted (I also said Colts would score 31… just sayin’), the Colts moved down the field with too much efficiency to be topped by CJ1K. The Colts were aided by a few questionable pass-interference calls, but who’s surprised that the NFL wants to see the Colts make a run for the playoffs? I personally would like to see the Jaguars take the AFC South, but I’m sure there are many, including the IceBat, who would hate such a thing.


Peyton v. Peyton

Peyton Manning - Getty Images

Saw lots of this last night.

It’s weird to even consider this conversation before 2010, but if you were a GM of an NFL team, which Peyton would you rather have playing for you right now? On one hand, you have Peyton Hillis, who’s just going nuts on opposing teams, but on the other hand, you have Peyton Manning, Mr. #8-Greatest-of-All-Time himself. Now, although Manning’s #8 ranking is a bit high (IMO), I doubt we’ll ever see Peyton Hillis climbing up into the Top-100 when his career is over. If you’ve seen the hits he’s taking and delivering, he probably won’t have much of a career anyway. However, if you take a look at his current numbers, and the teams he’s done it to, I think it’s a clear decision to go for Hillis.

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Deep Sleep: Jacob Tamme

So, I want to try and pick out a deep sleeper every week for those of you who are in competitive leagues, where the likes of Kenny Britt, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Marshawn Lynch are unavailable. Sure, all the major fantasy football analysts already told you about those guys, but how about someone who has the potential to become “those guys” in the near future (and is widely available)? If you’re in need for some play-makers, come back here every week for my take on potential fantasy saviors. This week’s pick after the jump.

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