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Vick for MVP! & Other Thoughts on the Weekend

Hot Cheerleaders - Getty Images

Cold girls are so hot.

Here are my thoughts on this last NFL weekend:

  • Dancing in the Rain – This wasn’t originally going to be in here, but as I was browsing photos of the Eagles & Redskins game, the photo with the cheerleaders (above) popped up. Now, although putting this photo up probably prompted you to actually read this post, it reminds me of a thought all the way from Halloween. When the cheerleaders dressed up in skimpy Halloween costumes, I remember seeing them and thinking, “Wow, they’re wearing more clothes than they normally do!” And this photo kind of drives that point home. First of all, look in the lower right hand corner to view a couple butt-cheeks hanging out. Now, look at their hair. Notice anything? They’re all drenched from head to toe, dancing in the pouring rain, wearing mildly-better-than underwear. Something about the nature of cheerleading is a bit unsettling for me. Don’t get me wrong, I find women extremely attractive and I’m probably the last person to talk about morals (and most of these women choose to be cheerleaders), but still, the extent which the NFL goes to in order to enhance the fetishisation of women makes me uneasy.

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DEEP SLEEP: Shaun Hill

Brett Favre - Getty Images

Sidney, did you get my text?

Let’s clarify a bit. My DEEP SLEEP pick of the week has very specific criteria:

  1. They must be available in most leagues – I’ll try find you a guy who’ll probably show up on every other fantasy site’s waiver-wire adds the next week. Hear my reasoning, exercise a little faith, and add them when I say, in order to avoid the hype-hysteria that is sure to come.
  2. They must be more than a mere bye-week filler – I’m not going to find you a guy who’ll be good for only 1 week. That takes rather average analysis, so I’ll leave it to the average man. I’m here to give you substance and thoughtful projected values for the remainder of the fantasy season.
  3. They must be unpopular among major media outlets – This is a mixture of the last 2 points, but if everybody else is already talking about it, you probably don’t want to hear about it again. And besides, if everybody’s talking about it, your opponents probably already heard it.

Now that we got that out of the way, I’d like to revisit my picks prior as glowing examples of DEEP SLEEP. Two weeks ago, it was Jacob Tamme, and in his first 2 starts, he amassed 172 yards and 2 TDs – that makes him the #1 TE for the last 2 weeks. With Manning’s Midas Touch, Tamme’s doing a great job filling in for an injured Dallas Clark. Without any doubt, he has become an easy Top-3 TE. Woe onto those who foolishly passed him by – he won’t be cheap from here on out. Now, last week’s pick was Sidney Rice, and although he didn’t play, there is still good news to look at for those of you who picked him up: Brett Favre threw for 446 yards and 2 TDs. That’s more than just a good omen for when Rice gets back onto the field, especially considering how much Favre likes him. He might play week 10, but for sure, starting week 11, Sidney Rice should produce high-end WR2 numbers on a consistent basis. If you didn’t pick him up to bolster your fantasy play-off roster last week, you can almost certainly know he won’t be an easy add this week.

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