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TNF: Chargers Making Another Run?

Vincent Jackson - Getty Images

Vincent Jackson, Thursday Night Hero

I hate how every year Norv Turner somehow magically ends the season with a huge winning streak to get into the playoffs. It makes the beginning of the season seem useless, almost meaningless (like MLB games), and a team that was possibly one of the worst can get a highly coveted home-field playoff game. I guess luckily for them, the Chargers are in the AFC West, so they’re never out of the hunt…

Anyway, it looks like the Chargers are surging again at the right time and should continue that streak tonight against the 49ers. Sure, the Chargers lost to the Raiders this December, but the 49ers are an entirely different team out of the Bay Area. Alex Smith‘s resurgence in Seattle last week won’t make a repeat performance against a stout Chargers defense, and Brian Westbrook will struggle to make the big plays he made last week. Strange to say, but Westbrook is no McFadden. Rivers will overcome the loss of Antonio Gates & Malcom Floyd and hook up with Vincent Jackson & “the rest” of his receivers to eat up the 49ers in what should be another lopsided affair. It took going all the way to week 15, but tonight’s outcome will help give Singletary some closure on his playoff hopes. How sad the NFL West divisions truly are. Chargers win 30-10.

*Update* So, it looks like the Chargers’ playoff hopes look a lot healthier than Antonio Gates on the sidelines (and the 49ers’ hopes). The Chargers made an early statement by stopping the 49ers on a 4th and goal, and that statement carried throughout the rest of the game. The Chargers dominated on both sides of the ball, and Vincent Jackson made enough plays to help any team win, including your fantasy team. The final score was just as lopsided as I thought, 34-7.


DEEP SLEEP: James Starks

Brian Westbrook - Getty Images

Westbrook, the Sharer of Carries

This week is going to be my last DEEP SLEEP pick for the 2010 fantasy season. After week 14, there’s really no way to check sleepers’ value since every week is most likely an elimination week and DEEP SLEEP’s were never meant to be just a plug-and-play type pick-up. Anyway, as usual, let’s go back to the past picks:

  • Brian Westbrook – Ouch, talk about a poor performance. After scoring 19.6 points the week before, he put up 3.1 this last weekend. But come on, were you really thinking about starting him against Green Bay? Expect bigger things against Seattle in week 14, but he’s still nothing more than a high-flex or low-RB2 option with Anthony Dixon taking some of those precious carries.
  • Keiland Williams – By far the biggest DEEP SLEEP bust of the season. I had my inhibitions to put him on the list, and from his last couple weeks, I should have stuck with my gut feelings. I just figured with Portis out for sure, Williams would thrive, but how wrong I was. The Redskins’ offense is nothing more than a good match-up for fantasy D/STs.
  • Pierre Thomas – Looks like week 14 should be the week he makes his come back. Considering how well Chris Ivory has been doing in his stead, there’s 2 ways this can go: Either Thomas will excel back in his old role or he will have to end up sharing his reps with Ivory. If you’re in the playoffs for week 14, I’d look for a safer play before unleashing Thomas on your opponent.
  • Shaun Hill – Doesn’t look like he’ll be back in week 14 from injury. When he’s healthy, he puts up good numbers.
  • Sidney Rice – Is 105 yards and 2 TDs considered enough? Finally Rice showed up in his breakthrough game of the 2010 season. I’m not benching him throughout the fantasy playoffs, especially after seeing his 2 TD catches last week. Ridiculous.
  • Jacob Tamme – Sure, a little less than normal, but I would still take Tamme as my TE over any other TE in fantasy, except, of course, Antonio Gates.

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DEEP SLEEP: Brian Westbrook

Keiland Williams - Getty Images

Why, Shanahan? Why?!

Here’s a rather depressing recap of last week’s performances by my DEEP SLEEP picks:

  • Keiland WilliamsMike Shanahan strikes again. Somehow Williams was given less work than James Davis as the Redskins lost to the pitiful Vikings. Sigh, I had a feeling Williams would feel the wrath of Shanahan, but I thought with Portis and Torain out, he would at least see some light.
  • Pierre Thomas – Good news! He might start playing a little this week, and from the sounds of it, he should be ready to go come week 14, which is fantasy playoff season. Let’s see how his numbers look if/when he plays this week. Make sure you check his practice reports if you’re planning on starting him.
  • Shaun Hill – After weeks of good numbers, Shaun Hill once again fell to the injury bug. He isn’t practicing this week as Drew Stanton takes his place with the first team reps. If you’re looking for a good replacement, I’d take Cassel or Fitzpatrick.
  • Sidney Rice – After being targeted a team-high 10 times the week before, Rice underperformed this week with 1 catch for 20 yards. Ouch. I hope this isn’t an omen for things to come, but having a stat-line like that can’t be too reassuring. I’d keep an eye on him, though.
  • Jacob Tamme – My pride and joy. Tamme never lets me down. He scored another TD, even with Manning’s poor play, and racked up 64 yards. Since he became the starter, he’s averaging more fantasy points per week than even Dallas Clark did.

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