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Seymour For MVP! & Other Thoughts on the Weekend

Peyton Manning - Getty Images

Interceptions are never my fault!

My thoughts on the eventful NFL weekend:

  • Manning’s Issues – Let me just start off by saying this: Peyton Manning is one of the best QBs in the league right now. Does he deserve to be #8 on the Top-100? I’m not so sure, but he definitely isn’t helping his case the last few weeks. With all the talk about Manning’s magical touch, he has proven, although rather quietly, that he is a choke. Sure, he’s great at the 2-minute drill and all the fancy-schmancy audible stuff, but how often have we seen the Colts lose games in the end because of a Manning INT? Ask a Colts fan, I’m sure if you prod their memory enough, they’ll overcome their denial and account to you the many times, especially in play-offs, when Manning would lose the game. Sure, he’d be the reason they were still in the game to begin with, but nonetheless, he still lost the game. Manning, with the easy chance to tie, proved his choke-ability once again this last weekend v. the Patriots.

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Living in Fear of the Zebra

NFL Referee - Getty Images

"Worship me, James Jones. I am an almighty referee."

As a lover of all things defense, you can only imagine the frustration and disappointment I feel with the way NFL officiating is headed. And it’s not that I don’t agree with player safety – I totally agree with the increased attention on helmet-to-helmet collisions on defenseless receivers (although those hiked-up fines are ridiculous) – but when officiating starts to impact the outcome of a game, that’s when I start having issues with it. Officials are not in the game to decide who wins and loses. That job should belong solely in the hands of the 22 players on the field. Referees are merely there to chaperone the game. So why are they making such a big influence in the game, even with the exercise of instant replay? I’m tired of the cliche excuses the NFL always makes to defend their poor little referees, talking about the “speed of the game,” etc. Instead of making excuses for their horrendous calls, just fix it. My biggest peeves regarding officiating after the jump…  Continue reading

Well, See Ya Later!

Super Freak Randy Moss

Randy Moss has been waived by the Vikings. This totally reminds me that I should’ve added Brad Childress to my list of coaches to fire. What a disaster of a season (almost as bad as the Cowboys‘). Well, this really sucks for a lot of people, and here is a list of some victims:

  • The Vikings fans who kept Moss’ jerseys all these years to only pull it out this season for a total of 3 weeks. If you needed closure from before, you got it now.
  • Percy Harvin. Harvin saw a huge gain in fantasy/real-life production with defenses pissing their pants watching Randy Moss jog his routes. Now, until Sidney Rice comes back, Harvin will be the main (receiving) focus of opposing defenses.
  • Brett Favre. Without Randy Moss to take the attention of the media with his outlandish comments, will Minnesota ever stop hearing about Favre’s scandalous relationship with Jets’ employees? And who will be dominant enough to catch those notorious “gunslinger” bombs of his? Maybe the Vikings can pick up some of those guys from the Wrangler commercials!
  • Brad Childress. You’re fired. In other words, you should be fired. Or to put it another way, you really screwed up this season.

There’s only 1 player to see anything good happen from this major move… and that’s Randy Moss. Yes, he jogs his routes and sucks at blocking and has an attitude problem, but honestly, he had no chance of making an impact on that team with grey-haired Favre throwing it to him. This should be good news for fantasy owners out there… I think? Imagine if the Buffalo Bills picked him up as a new toy for Fitzpatrick! Or for the Lions’ Stafford! Or even the Rams’ Bradford! The waiver-wire possibilities are endless… And, by the way, it’s sort of sad that all 3 of those young QBs would be better options than Favre. Godspeed to both Favre and Moss, the fading stars of careers too long.

*Update* I guess Brad Childress announced to the team that Randy Moss would be waived, but the team hasn’t gone through with it as of Monday. I would be shocked if we don’t see Moss’ name on the waiver wire by the end of the week, but there are rumors that parts of the Vikings organization want to retain Moss. Interesting. I’ll keep you guys updated with what I hear.

*Update 2* Randy Moss officially hit the waiver wire today (Tuesday, November 2). By Wednesday @ 4PM ET, Randy Moss will certainly be on a new team. Also in his waiver class is Shawne Merriman. Congratulations, you two.