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Merry Christmas!

Hi Everybody,

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! I’m going on vacation, so I won’t be able to update this for a few days. Enjoy the Steelers v. Panthers game tonight, and I’ll be back soon. Please have a safe and fun holiday season.



Rich Eisen Podcast: Ed Reed Edition

Ed Reed - Getty Images

Even he thinks it's funny!

I’m a regular subscriber to the Rich Eisen Podcast, and I must say it’s one of my all-time favorites to listen to. It’s entertaining and insightful, and Rich always manages to get the best people to guest. I mean, come on… He even had Will Ferrell on the pod! That’s when you know you’re the real deal.

Rich, always a gracious host (except to Clay Matthews), stepped up his game once more this week by having our namesake, Ed Reed, on the pod. It’s towards the beginning of the clip, so you don’t have to listen to John Legend and Mark Wahlberg if you don’t want to… and plus, those guys are Bengals and Patriots fans, respectively. Gross! Anyway, enjoy hearing Ed Reed talk about the state of the 2010 Ravens and reiterate the story of “Law Dead” for the last time. Good stuff!

Listen here: link

Friday Afternoon Videos: Human Joystick

Remember Dante Hall? He was one of the most exciting players to watch during his prime, wasn’t he? Here’s just a short little highlight reel of some of his plays. It’s easy to see why he earned the nickname “Human Joystick.” Don’t forget that all those guys he’s making fools of are professional athletes… and don’t miss the Dick Vermeil cameo towards the end. He was an awesome coach. Enjoy!

Friday Afternoon Videos: Stiff-Arm Ray Lewis’ Son

Okay, not the most accurate title ever, but pretty much captures the videos for today. The first is one of my favorite stiff-arms of all time. Willis McGahee stiff arms his way to the end zone against Oakland back in January this year (01/03/10), and when I saw it, obviously, I went nuts. It reminded me of those cherished days when Jamal Lewis would stomp all over the Browns… Anyway, here’s the video!

Ray Lewis and son after the jump…  Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving

Just got back from playing a game of friendly tackle football, and I want to wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving. Please, while the rest of America has somehow already looked past towards (commercialized) Christmas, I hope you will take this day to cherish everything you’re blessed with. Enjoy your dinners, company, and football… and make sure to drive home safely. Happy Thanksgiving.

Friday Afternoon Videos: Nobel Prize?

When Friday afternoon rolls around, don’t you just want to take a nice nap? For some, it’s a great way to recharge for the weekend, while for others, it can be a time of relaxation and release. Whatever the reason may be, everybody loves to nap… it’s just really a matter of when. And that “when” is not in the middle of a Monday Night Football game, Albert “Fat AlbertHaynesworth! Get your power nap in at halftime, duh!

Yet, in the midst of all the chaos surrounding him, Haynesworth presents an image of serenity and peace. He’s the epitome of 9-digit nirvana, proving a $100 million contract to show the world an example of gentleness and surrender is all worth it. Perhaps he should be nominated for this year’s Nobel? He sure deserves it! Although, I’m not so sure how the Nobel officials feel about how he stomped on Andre Gurode‘s head in 2006… 30 stitches! Video of the stomp after the jump…  Continue reading

Nike’s Proposed NFL Jerseys

Nike Ravens Jersey

Baltimore... Ducks?

*Barf* What in the world is Nike thinking? I guess after having the time of their lives ruining the Oregon Ducks‘ uniforms on a week-to-week basis, Nike couldn’t help but bring that same enthusiasm into the NFL. Nike will become the official equipment supplier of the NFL starting in 2012, so, from the looks of it, if you were ever planning on buying somebody’s jersey, now would be a good time.

These are only proposals, so don’t think these are official, but even as proposals, they are quite worrisome. Here’s a link if you want to check out the rest of Nike’s designs: link

The only way I’d be half-okay with the proposed Ravens jersey would be if these three teams also got their proposed designs: Bengals, Patriots, and Steelers. I mean, if they’re wearing those bad boys, the Ravens would never lose! Who can win a game wearing that?! Their proposed jerseys after the jump…  Continue reading