Rex Ryan & Feet

Rex Ryan - Getty Images

"Hey Santonio, let's get that foot checked out..."

All I gotta say is… LOL!

Read Deadspin‘s investigation on Rex Ryan and his wife, Michelle (slightly NSFW): link

And okay, gotta say a little more. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal… it’s not like he’s really hurting anybody. He’s just a little weird, but we all knew that already didn’t we? Now, that press conference where Rex talked about how his wife was a “super” model is starting to make even more sense. Who would’ve thought she had such “pretty” feet?

Perhaps the most unsettling part in all of this is the details in their swinger profile introduction, but I guess if that’s what you’re in to? Seems like they’re into outside “cooperation”. Now I wonder how many perverts out there will bombard Michelle and Rex over this whole foot fetish fiasco.

And sure, the videos might be a bit older, but come on! You’re wearing a green shirt in a green car! Obviously someone was going to make the connection… especially since you model Jets’ apparel!


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