Favre’s Retirement

Brett Favre - AP Images

When you're that old and lie like that, you actually look dead.

I wonder who feels worse today, Brett Favre, mustering up enough self-delusion and injections to play last night only to be knocked out with a concussion, or me, losing in the fantasy playoff semi-finals by 1.4 points to a Michael Vick owner? If I had to be objective, it’d probably be Favre – even though we’re both dealing with hangover headaches. Here’s why I finally think Brett has played his last game… 

I think it’s finally time that Favre will actually leave the game of football. I’m really not sure how he performed so well in 2009, but obviously, going from age 40 to 41 is a major hurdle for NFL players. Brett’s been beaten, battered, and bruised throughout the entire 2010 (and much of 2009) season, and although he’s “like a kid” as NFL analysts love to point out, his body isn’t quite handling the aches and injuries with as much youthfulness. He must be aching in just about every place we can think of, but the injury I think will end his career is not a physical blow, but the trauma to his ego. I mean, think about it. He had 297 consecutive starts playing professional football, so it doesn’t really seem like it’s his physical pain that will force him to stop. Instead, it’s going to be the acknowledgement that his skills have deteriorated so far beyond what it used to be that he cannot cover up his “gunslinger” play-style. He’s a true competitor and an all-time great, but his intoxicating self-delusion and consuming selfishness need to come to an end. It’s been a great ride, Brett, but it’s time for you to just be a grandfather (you’re an old QB, but you’re a young grandfather!) and play catch with the kiddies.

Look on the bright side – you probably won’t be throwing as many interceptions!


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