TNF: How To Stop Andre

Andre Johnson - AP Photo

Just run, Cortland. Run.

Tonight’s game should be a lot of fun, if you’re into high-scoring offensive TD-fests. I mean, who isn’t? Isn’t that why Michael Vick demands so much attention from television audiences across America? He’s a freak talent, possibly once in a lifetime, with the shiftiness and speed to be a great skills-player (i.e.: PR, WR, RB) and the laser left-handed arm of a matured QB. The last few times we saw Michael Vick in primetime, he did more than an outstanding job – and those games were v. the Redskins and Giants. Now, come tonight, Michael Vick will be playing against the 32nd-rated defense in the league. If this game becomes a shoot-out, which it very well can with Arian Foster and Andre Johnson on the other side, Vick could potentially amass over 500 yards from scrimmage, and I wouldn’t even be shocked. I’d be entertained, but not shocked.

Prediction and more after the jump…¬†

To be honest, I’m more into the slug-fest defensive battles (like the Ravens & Steelers this Sunday Night… glorious!), but I cherish the opportunities to watch talents like Andre Johnson and Michael Vick when I can. It’s arguable that Andre Johnson is the #1 WR in all of the NFL (although not this year in fantasy-land), but even as great as he is, it’ll be more fun to watch Houston’s defense try to stop Vick. All that nonsense about defensive coordinators losing sleep over Randy Moss… Yea, right. You know who gives DCs nightmares? Michael Vick. It’s simpler with Andre. We all saw how to shut him down last week against Tennessee: match up your worst corner and start a fight! He won’t be catching any more balls if he’s sitting in the locker room – and I suggest Philadelphia to employ that defensive strategy. It’s enough to worry about Arian Foster running around the field (which I think is responsible for Johnson’s drop in fantasy production, by the way), so get rid of Andre or you’ll have to worry about having him stomp his way past your safeties. Either way, I just don’t see Houston’s defense being able to keep up with Philadelphia’s defense, even after holding the Titans (Rusty Smith, anyone?) to a big-fat-juicy doughnut last week, so the Eagles come out with a victory, 34-24.

*Update* Well, I should go to Vegas. The Eagles won yesterday, mainly because their defense held up in the end while Houston’s couldn’t… And the score? 34-24. Vick didn’t accumulate 500 yards, but he got 350 and 3 TDs. Arian Foster had 100 yards and 2 TDs and Andre Johnson had 150 yards.


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